Finance & Insurance

Yamaha Motor Finance Customer Checklist

We want to help make this process as painless and as fast as possible, So Mach 1 Yamaha has created an easy Per-Approval form and the requirements to follow for your finance.

Require the following to settle your new loan.

Confirmation Of Information 

  •  Two payslips no older than thirty days OR
  • A signed letter from your employer on a company letterhead stating your annual income (Gross or Net) and weather you are on a probation period OR
  • Tax assessment which is available online via the IRD website. (need to register for this)
  • If you are self employed and the loan is LESS than $50,000.00 but MORE than $25,000.00 YMF require a letter form your accountant as above plus up to date business financials.
  • If you are self employed and the loans is ABOVE $50,000.00 the YMF require financial statements for the last two financial years and must be supplied at the time of the application. (By email:

Copy of driver's licence:

  • Clear copy of driver's licence (A alternative may be required due to AML Legislation)
Confirmation of Insurance:
  • Copy of the paid policy showing YMF as the financier. Policy must show itemised unit/s complete with serial/vin/registration numbers, year and model inclusive.

Copy of Rates Demand:

  • If you own property then a copy of the Rates Demand is required, Please ensure applicants name appears on Rates Demand. 
  • Don't own property then a copy of a utility Bill such as Power, Phone or Sky TV to confirm your physical address.
Copy of Bank Statement:
  • A copy of bank statement/deposit slip/cheque to confirm bank details on direct debit form.
  • If a print out from the bank is to be used please have the bank stamp and initial printout.