Mach 1 Yamaha

ME88 FRT RADIAL 150/80-17R - REAR

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To increase wear regularity, the transversal grooves of the tread pattern are discontinued by ‘compound bridges’, resulting in a more solid and stiffer tread design that reduces the stress transmitted to the belts and carcass plies.
Also the edges of grooves are critical areas for wear regularity. ME 888 groove walls have different inclination to ensure the best operating angle in every position.
The polymers of the compound are abrasion resistant, providing higher resistance to wear and hence high mileage.

Grip on wet

The tread pattern of ME 888 MARATHON™ ULTRA is an evolution of that of ME880’ with the target to ensure a high level of water evacuation whilst increase wear uniformity across the whole tread.
Moreover, a relevant content of silica in the compound formulation ensures chemical grip on wet surfaces.